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Concealed Carry License Process

Below are the appropriate links for your county’s concealed carry license application processes. Michigan State Police Firearms,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654—,00.html


WE OFFER HOME DEFENSE AND CONCEALED CARRY CLASSES ON THE WEEKENDS AND A 2 DAY DURING THE WEEK CLASS. 8 hour state mandated class which includes, introduction firearms statistics and data for the United States, developing a personal home protection plan, self-defense firearm basics, defensive shooting fundamentals, the Michigan Law as it pertains to concealed carrying, the legal use of force, violent encounters in the aftermath, gearing gadgets, creating your personal training plan, and lastly

Friends and Partners

We highly recommend these businesses and are proud to partner with them. After researching their competitors we truly believe and trust in USCCA for our self defense insurance. This why we are official partners with them. Downriver Guns and Ammo is where we choose to do all of our firearms purchases and range use. You won’t find a better priced range with more competent people who make you feel like family. Fenix Ammunition